How to reconcile invoices with delivery notes?

You have three levels of reconciliation: recommended, manual and advanced. Find out how to do it here.

In this video we explain the different work-life balance options we have at haddock.

Under Documents you will have a summary of pending and recommended reconciliations, which you can do with a single click.ย 

There are 3 levels of reconciliation: recommended, manual and with advanced options.

Option 1: Recommended reconciliation

In Expenses > Reconciliation, you will find the different reconciliation options that we propose if the total of the invoice and the delivery notes have no differences*. Just click on [Reconcile] to perform the reconciliation. To see more details of the documents, click on [Advanced reconciliation option].

*You can set and change the acceptable difference from the User Settings > Settings page. You can also disable reconciliation recommendations.

Option 2: Manual reconciliation

The [Reconciliation] page shows a list of all invoices, delivery notes and/or receipts pending reconciliation for suppliers that issue more than one type of document. You can apply filters to find documents from the same supplier more quickly.

  1. Select the invoice and delivery notes of the supplier you want to reconcile.
  2. Check the result in the summary.
  3. Click [Reconcile].

To view more details of the documents, press [Advanced Reconciliation Options].

Option 3: Advanced reconciliation

From any reconciliation or invoice case you can access the advanced reconciliation options to view more details of the documents and/or edit the selection. You can also start the process from the same screen.ย 

  • Advanced reconciliation is always performed with a single supplier. You can filter by date and amount.ย ย ย 
  • If you have delivery notes and tickets from the same supplier, you will have them separated.ย 
  • Add the delivery notes belonging to the invoice to be reconciled.
  • You have the summary with all the documents selected for that invoice.ย 
  • You can see the result of the reconciliation (the total of the invoice, the total of the delivery notes or tickets and the difference, if any).ย 
  • Once you have the expected result, click on [Reconcile], and that's it!

In addition...

  • In the [Reconciled] tab you can consult the history of reconciliations and view the documents.
  • To undo or delete a reconciliation, you have to do it from the [Reconciled] window by clicking on the three dots on the right.

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