How to upload a document to haddock?

Very easy! Just add a new expense and upload a photo or pdf.

The first step to get started in haddock is to upload documents, Aniol explains how to do it!

Create a new expense‍.

Simply go to Home or Documents, click on the [New expense] button and select the option to upload a file or take a picture (mobile only). You can also create expenses manually.

Then, all you have to do is upload the pdf file or a photo of the document (each page a photo) which you can do directly from your cell phone.Β 

Select a category

In haddock we classify expenses by categories so that in the dashboard you can see the breakdown of each one of them. For this reason, you will have to select to which of them this new expense belongs:

  • Raw materials: suppliers of products for the preparation of dishes, beverages...Β 
  • Supplies: such as electricity or water.
  • Rental of the premises.
  • Administrative expenses.
  • Other: other expenses such as cleaning company or haddock, for example.



Add incidents, if necessary

During the document upload you can add issues if there is a problem with the products or the invoice or delivery note has some kind of error in the price.

For example, if you receive an order of 3 kg of salmon, but the delivery note says that 5 kg have been delivered, you can add an incident to be reported. You can select a reason, the severity and a description.Β 

Our algorithm automatically detects the type of document and the provider, so all you have to do is click on [Upload document] and your file is uploaded!

Still have doubts?

Contact us and we will be happy to help you πŸ™Œ.