How to raise an expense manually?

If you do not have the invoice document, you can add its details manually.

Create a new expense

In Home or Documents, click on [New expense] and select the option to upload expenses manually. In this post we explain how to upload expenses with a photo.

Select to which category this new expense belongs:

  • Raw materials: suppliers of products for the preparation of dishes, beverages...ย 
  • Supplies: such as electricity or water.
  • Rental of premises.
  • Administration fees.
  • Other: other expenses such as cleaning company or haddock, for example.

Enter the document information

  1. Select the type of document: invoice, delivery note or ticket.ย 
  2. Enter the document number.
  3. Enter the date using the calendar.
  4. Select the supplier. You can search for it in your list of suppliers or you can create a new one*.
  5. Click continue.

*To create a new supplier, you will have to do it from the suppliers screen. Here's how to do it.ย 

Then, you only have to enter the base amount of the expense and the corresponding VAT. You can also break down the VAT (0%, 4%, 10% and 21%).ย 

Once you have completed everything, just click on [Upload expense] and you've got it!

Still have doubts?

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