Smart Cost Management Software

The intelligent management of
your restaurant

Increase the margin of your business by controlling costs in real time.

βœ… Digitise your invoices and delivery notes
βœ… Know in real time the price variations
βœ… Control your sales by integrating your POS
βœ… Bill of materials of your whole menu

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increase in the margin of your business


weekly savings in running your restaurant


of improvement in your bargaining power
your suppliers

Digitise documents

πŸ“Έ Take a snapshot of your invoices, delivery notes and tickets and access all information in the cloud.

⏳ Make decisions based on real-time, up-to-date data thanks to our interactive dashboard.

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Make your bill of materials

πŸ₯’Select the ingredients of your recipe automatically from products.

⏳ Update in real time the cost of your dish with the last purchase price of your products.

πŸ’Έ Set a selling price and control the margin of each dish.

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Check price variations

πŸ₯¦ Know the price changes of the products you have purchased from your suppliers instantly.

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Integrate your sales automatically

πŸ”Œ Connect your point of sale and start counting your sales to make decisions with real data.

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How does haddock work?


Take a photo of your invoices and delivery notes.

Receive documents from your suppliers, take a photo of them and upload them to haddock easily.


Extract data automatically

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, your information is extracted and securely uploaded to the cloud .


Control your restaurant with haddock

Make decisions to optimise your business based on real-time, up-to-date data.

From your POS to haddock

Shift sales, average ticket, diners, and much more!
Connect haddock to your POS


Why is haddock different?

✨ Automatic in haddock


Other software

Digitise invoices and delivery notes with just a photo



Offer all documents in the cloud


Report price changes ✨


Setting a reference price for the purchase of a product


Identify mismatches between invoices and delivery notes ✨.


All your restaurants on the same platform
Roles for each team member
Account for all your income ✨.

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