Dynamic bill of materials of your chart

With haddock you will have your margins under control and you will be able to improve your decision making:

🍽️ The cost of the dish, always up to date!
💸 Set a selling price, the easy way!
⚠️ Raise or lower the margin, spotted!
👀 Profit control , it's yours!
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"We know exactly how much each product we have on the menu is costing us."
Ricardo - 400º Pizza
"It helps us create new original dishes and find the economical selling price we want."
Raquel - O'Caldiño
"We have control of our menu to keep it from going out of price and have an offering that is reasonably priced within the area."
Guillermo - El Velázquez 17

You are one step away from knowing the cost of your dishes.

How does it work?

📑 Start by uploading invoices and delivery notes to haddock, with just a photo!
🔎 We digitize the information and in less than 48 hours you will be able to see all the products and their costs in haddock.
‍🍔 And then? Make the bill of materials in a simple way: create the dish and add the ingredients in just 3 clicks.

Know more

🍽️ You will be able to know the cost of the dish automatically and updated with the last purchase price of your ingredients.
💸 Decide the selling price you are looking for for the dish will be easier and more decisive.
⚠️ Set the expected margin of the dish and you will be able to detect when it decreases.
👀 Find out how much money you earn with each dish at a glance.

Bill of materials

From bill of materials to success

Find out how to reduce your charter costs with this free guide.
‍Hint: the key is in the bill of material!

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