The school haddock πŸ“š

  • We give you all the resources you need to start your restaurant revolution. Bill of materials, costs, marketing, and much more! Make the mise en place of everything you need to cook your best dish: a successful restaurant .

Cutlery, stoves and digitization

We have gathered the 6 tools that you need to include in your restaurantπŸ”₯
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Deflates inflation

Combat rising prices in your restaurant with tips on your purchasing, revenue and operations πŸ’Έ

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This Christmas make an XMÁS in your restaurant

Discover the best tips to get the most out of your Christmas menus πŸŽ„

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One, two, TRENDS!

Want to know the trends in the restaurant industry in 2023? Find out now! ✨

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For a summer of 10 make a x10

Maximize your restaurant's sales this summer with these tips πŸ€‘

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If you're not on social media, you don't exist

Do you want to know the secrets to turn your restaurant into an influencer for the Horeca sector? 🫢

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Technical specifications

Get here the template to make the technical data sheet of the dishes of your menu πŸ”

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Up to the shrinkage!

Do you know the importance of shrinkage in the calculation of your bill of materials? Get to know it here, including shrinkage table! πŸ₯¦

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FromΒ bill of materials to success

Find out how to reduce your charter costs with this guide. Hint: the key is in the bill of materials! πŸ₯—

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Retain and build customer loyalty

In this guide we give you the keys to retain and build customer loyalty in your restaurant πŸ’–

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Maximise your margin

Maximize your restaurant's margin during the Christmas season with this ebook πŸ’°

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Define the strategy your restaurant will follow

Discover the importance of having a clear strategy to make your restaurant shine at Christmas 🍳

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Attract more customers to your restaurant

Find out in this manual the tips to attract new customers to your restaurant during the Christmas holidays πŸ‘―

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Easily identify price increases πŸ₯‘

Control your suppliers and easily detect if they have changed the price of your products. Take control of all your costs! ✨

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