Identify in one click if avocado prices have risen

Thanks to the digitalization of all the information on your invoices, we can detect when you raise the price of your products.
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"Tomatoes have gone up more than 50% and now I have to put in less quantity because I don't want to lower the quality."
"I agreed to price the barrel at €145 and thanks to haddock I could see that I was now paying €159 for the same barrel."
Baka vieja
"It's amazing that with just one photo you can detect any price increase almost instantly. We are very happy with haddock"

Do you know at what price you last bought salmon?

Control that suppliers charge you the agreed price by establishing areference price. We notify you when we detect a variation!

Have you ever encountered unexpected price changes?

Access to a price history of each product to know all its ups and downs.

How much salmon did you buy last month?

Purchase forecasts for the following month.
Know the total amount of product purchased and make