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πŸ›³ Prices and plans
Can I benefit from a discount?

Of course! With the annual subscription we will offer you a 15% discount.

What is the difference between the plans?

The main differences are the number of users you can add, the number of documents you can scan and whether or not it includes the product module to control the price variations of your products.
You can see what each plan includes on this page.

I have reached my document limit, how can I continue uploading invoices and delivery notes?

You can upgrade your plan to Premium (up to 400 documents).
Do you want to do it right now? Go to User Settings and once you have chosen your restaurant in the My Restaurants section, just click on Change plan.

What is the best plan for my restaurant?

It will depend on the number of invoices and delivery notes you receive and want to digitise and whether or not you want to control price variations with the product module.

What happens if I have the Premium plan and I have reached my document limit?

In that case, get in touch and we will provide you with a tailor-made solution.

πŸ’³ Payment
What are the payment methods?

You have two payment options: by credit card or by direct debit.
If you want to pay by direct debit, please contact us and we will tell you how to proceed.

How can I receive an invoice?

Click on Update plan and within your billing history, you will see an icon that will allow you to download the invoice for each payment.

πŸ™Œ Users and roles
Can I invite other members of my team to use haddock?

Yes! With the multi-role functionality you will be able to add members to your team to help you with the management of your restaurant.

How does multi-role work? What functions can each role do?

To add members to your team, just go to User settings > My restaurants and add a member in My team. In this guide we explain it in more detail.

There are 3 different roles:
πŸ’Ό Administrator: allows you to use all the functionalities of haddock.
πŸ“„ Document management: allows you to add, view and edit documents and upload sales. It does not have access to the dashboard or the sales total.
πŸ‘€ Manager view: allows you to view the dashboard, supplier data and export documents, but you will not be able to edit information.

How many users can I add?

You can add up to 7 users, depending on the plan.
You can check our plans here.

Can users be deleted or edited?

Yes, you can delete or edit a member's role from User settings > My restaurants . Once you have selected the member, just click on the 3 dots at the top right and delete it.

πŸš€ Dashboard
Can all members of my team view the dashboard?

No, only the administrator and the manager view have access to the dashboard.

Can I see the dashboard with/without VAT?

You can see the dashboard with the amounts with or without VAT. To change it, go to User settings > Settings > Dashboard and select the option you prefer.

What does "Real-time view" mean?

If you have this option activated, you will be shown information with the total of the delivery notes and tickets, and of the invoices of suppliers that do not have delivery notes.

You can display the dashboard information in two ways:
1. With the real-time view, i.e. with the total of the delivery notes and tickets, as well as the total of the invoices of the suppliers that do not have delivery notes or tickets.
2. Without this view activated, the dashboard is displayed with the total of invoices and tickets, giving you a more general overview of your business.

πŸ“ƒ Documents
βœ… Digitised
How can I digitise invoices, delivery notes and tickets?

You can upload your documents by taking a photo, attaching the file (pdf, jpg...) We leave you the guide where we explain how to do it!

I want to add information but I don't have the invoice, how do I do it?

If you don't have the document, you can upload it by adding the data yourself. You will need the amount (base and VAT), supplier, date, document type and document number.Here's how to do it!

Can I filter the scanned documents?

Yes, you can filter by document type, payment status, reconciliation status, whether it has been exported or not, by date range, by category or by supplier. You can also sort by upload date, document date or from highest to lowest amount.

Can I export documents?

Of course! At the time of export you can choose the breakdown that best suits your needs: summaries and totals (VAT segmented in rows), by products (all the line items of these documents will also be exported) or with VAT in columns. You can also customise the format (Excel, PDF or CSV).

A document has been scanned with incorrect information, how can I fix it?

Open the document that has this error, click on the options menu (access it by clicking on the three dots on the top right) and click on "edit".
A small screen will open from which you can edit the general information of the document (Supplier, document type, document number, date and category). You can also edit the totals, VAT and line items by clicking on the pencil next to this information.

Are the expenses I upload manually counted in the number of documents in my plan?

No, only those uploaded with a photo or pdf are subtracted from the number of documents in the plan.

Why are deleted documents also counted in the counter?

Deleted documents are previously digitized documents, which means a reduction in the number of documents you can upload per month.

βŒ›οΈ Under review
I uploaded a document and I can't find it, where can it be?

When you upload a document it goes to the "Under Review" list. Documents under review are in the process of being digitised.
If your document is not in "In review" you will probably find it in "Not confirmed" or among the "Rejected". You can use the filters to find it faster.

Can I delete a document that is "under review"?

Just click on the 3 dots on the document and delete it.

❗️Failure to confirm
What does it mean when a document lacks confirmation?

Sometimes it can happen that our algorithm does not detect some kind of information, so the scanning process cannot be completed. There are several reasons:
😰 Poor image quality: remember that the photos must be of good quality and all the data must be displayed correctly. We advise you to delete it and upload it again.
Lack of information: the document does not contain some essential information (date, type of document, amounts...). We advise you to detect what is missing and talk to your supplier to complete it, as all this information must be there by law.
Supplier not detected: the VAT number that allows us to detect which supplier the document is from has not been found. In this case you only have to select the supplier and that's it, it will go directly to digitised!

How can I delete a document with missing information?

Just click on the three dots on the document and delete it - it's that easy!

❌ Rejected
Why has a document been rejected?

If our algorithm has rejected a document, it means that there is some kind of error and that it could not be digitised:
πŸ˜• Documents have been mixed: there is more than one invoice, delivery note or ticket in that upload. You will have to delete it and upload the documents separately.
Duplicate: the algorithm has detected that this document has already been digitalised and, therefore, it is duplicated. To fix it, you will only have to delete this document.
Upload error: there has been some kind of error in the upload. It is likely that the image is not displayed correctly, so we recommend that you delete it and upload it again.

✨ Reconciliation
What is conciliation and what is it for?

The reconciliation establishes the link between the invoice and the delivery notes. Thanks to this functionality you can ensure that you have received all the delivery notes for the purchases you have made and that they will subsequently be reflected in the invoice. In addition, if you pay when the invoice arrives, you will be able to verify exactly what you will pay for what you have been delivered.

What is the acceptable difference?

It is the difference between the sum of the delivery notes and the invoice total.
To change it you have to go to User settings > Configuration > Documents and write your acceptable difference.

How do I reconcile delivery notes and invoices?

You have 3 options for reconciling documents:
1. Recommended reconciliation: these are the proposals we make thanks to an algorithm that detects documents from the same supplier, compatible dates and that the sum of the delivery notes and the invoice total is not very different. You can edit this acceptable difference in: User settings > Configuration > Documents. In this guide we explain in more detail how to do it.
Manual reconciliation: you can do it yourself by selecting the invoice and delivery notes from the list. In this guide we explain in more detail how to do it.
3. Reconciliation with advanced options: access this reconciliation to see more details of the documents or edit the selection. In this guide we explain in more detail what you can do.

A supplier only gives me invoices, can I configure it so that I don't receive reconciliation proposals?

Of course you can! Just go to Suppliers and select it. In its settings, you can deactivate the option"Deliver with delivery notes or I have an invoice for the tickets".

Can I deactivate the recommended reconciliation?

Yes, if you don't want us to show you these reconciliations, just go to User Settings > Settings > Documents and uncheck the option.

Where can I see the documents that are not reconciled?

In Reconciliation > Pending documents, you will be able to see all those invoices and delivery notes that have not been reconciled.

Why can't I find some invoices, delivery notes or tickets under "Pending reconciliation"?

If you cannot find an invoice from a supplier from whom you do not receive delivery notes or receipts, don't worry! You do not need to reconcile these documents. If you can't find the documents of a supplier who sends you delivery notes or tickets, we suggest you do the following: go to Documents and check that your document has been scanned correctly and is not in "under review" or "lacking confirmation" and "rejected".

If your document is among those scanned, but does not appear as pending reconciliation, it is possible that the configuration"Make delivery with delivery notes or I have an invoice for the tickets" in the supplier is not active. To activate it, go to Suppliers, select the supplier you want and activate the option in its configuration.

Can I edit an existing reconciliation?

Yes, you can delete it. You have to go to Reconciled, click on the 3 dots and delete it.

Where can I consult the reconciliations made?

You can see them in Conciliation > Conciliated.

⏬ Downloads
How do I export a document?

It's easy! In Documents select all the files you want to export, click on Export and select the export option you prefer.

Where are all downloads saved?

Downloads are automatically saved on your computer!

What data can I export?

You can export data from any document you have uploaded. When exporting, you can choose the type of breakdown you prefer: summaries and totals (VAT segmented in rows), by products (all line items of those documents will also be exported) or with VAT in columns.

In which formats can I export?

You can export in Excel, PDF or CSV format.

🚚 Suppliers
I have a freelance supplier and when I scan the document it cannot find it, what do I have to do?

You have to create it manually in Suppliers and click on the New supplier button (on the top right). You will only have to select the category and enter the commercial name and the ID number (in the VAT number field!), as this is what we will be able to assign it to when we detect it in a document you upload. During the creation process you can enter the labels and contacts or leave it for later.

How do I attach labels and notes to suppliers?

You can create notes and labels by clicking on the + symbol inside the provider.

Can I change the category of all documents from one supplier? Why do I have documents from the same supplier with different categories?

It may happen that you have documents from the same supplier with different categories (because when creating or modifying the document, you have selected a different category) or that you simply want to modify the category of a supplier and all its documents.

To change and unify the category of all the supplier's documents, in the Suppliers module, you must select the one you want to change the category of and click on the Edit button in the top right corner. You will see that under the category, you can activate the option to change all documents to the category already selected. In case the category is not correct, you should first change it and save, and then go back to edit the provider and activate the option, to apply it to all your documents.

Can I edit the supplier of a document?

Just select the document you want, click on the three little dots in the top right corner to edit it.

Can I edit a supplier?

Yes, edit it by going to the supplier and clicking on the three dots on the top right. You will only be able to change the commercial name, code and category. You will NOT be able to edit the NIF/CIF, the fiscal name and the address.

How do I create contacts for a supplier?

When you have selected THE supplier, go to Contacts and click on the New Contact button.

How can I create a new supplier?

You can create them from Suppliers > New supplier and add their details. Make sure you enter the details correctly, as there are some details that you will NOT be able to edit later (the NIF/CIF, the fiscal name and the address).

What is the "Deliver with delivery notes or I have an invoice for the tickets" option for?

If this option is activated, we know that this supplier gives you delivery notes or you receive invoices for their tickets, which allows us to show the real information of your expenses on the dashboard (i.e. not duplicated), to generate better reconciliation proposals and to know from which documents we have to take the line items to study the price evolution of the products.
When we receive a delivery note from a supplier we activate this box automatically, so if you want to change it you will have to do it manually.

⚠️ Incidences
How do I create an incident and at what times?

You can create issues during:
πŸ“ƒ The uploading of documents.
πŸ“‘ The reconciliation.
Just click on Add incident and select the reason and severity.

How do I change the status and/or severity of an incident?

Very easy! Just select the incident and with the pop up that appears you can change the status and severity.

What are the statuses of the incidents?

There are three statuses: created, under review and resolved.

Where can I see the resolved incidents?

In Incidents > Resolved incidents you will be able to see all those that have already been solved.

🍳 Staff
How do I create a staff cost?

Just go to Expenses > Personal > Add and fill in all the information. In this guide we explain it in more detail.

Are staff costs accounted for in the dashboard?

Of course! All expenses are reflected in the dashboard

Can I upload a personnel expense with a photo?

Not at the moment! You have to add it manually, but you can attach documents, such as payslips or summaries.

🍎 Products
What information can I see in the Products module?

You will be able to consult all your products extracted from the line items (rows indicating the items purchased) of the invoices and delivery notes of the categories of raw materials, beverages and maintenance and cleaning. Our algorithm is able to join the line items that have the description with an almost exact match and the same unit of measure. It will NOT match them if there is no consistency between upper and lower case (e.g. Lettuce with LECHUGA YES but Lettuce with Lechugga NO). Therefore, you would have to edit the description of this last line item to make it match the correct one.

IMPORTANT: We recommend that you do not alter the name of the line items from the initial reading of the description unless there is an error in the digitisation.

Can I set a reference price?

Of course you can! You can indicate this by selecting the product and going to Settings > Price. Just activate the option and add the amount.

Can I group products from different suppliers?

Our algorithm automatically merges products with the same name, no matter which supplier they are from, but distinguishes by unit of measure .
To unify them, you have to go to Group with another and search for all the products you want to merge from the list. Once you have them, the next step is to indicate a name and, if you want, a product code. Finally, you have to choose the base unit of measurement and make the equivalences. We show you how here.

Can I do box/kg/product conversions?

Yes, you can choose a base unit of measure to convert the different purchase units to . To do this, you have to select the product and go to Configuration > Purchases, choose the base unit of measure (it can be units, kilos or litres) and add the conversion data.

What is the reference price?

This is the average price at which you have paid or should have paid for a product. We can extract it in two ways:
1. Average unit price of all purchases.
2. The tariff price that you can enter manually from the "edit" option in the options menu (the three dots at the top right). This price is the one that will be taken into account to indicate when the price of your last purchase is higher.

A product description has been scanned incorrectly, can I edit it?

If the image is not of high quality or the invoice is smudged or wrinkled, it is possible that our text recognition tool gets confused with some of the characters in the description of the line item. This would cause it to mismatch the description of the other purchases and therefore not put them together. In this case, you would have to access this product and click on the icon that you will find at the end of the line that contains the purchase information. This action will take you to the document and from there you can edit the description to match the other purchases.

My products do not appear, why?

The list of products is created from the uploaded documents or from the import of products, and will be displayed in the following cases:
✨ Products that have been imported through excel should always appear (from the "import products" button in the same products module).
For products that have not been imported, you will be able to see in the list those document products that meet all of the following:
- Documents uploaded with line breakdown, either manually or via photo or file.
- Invoices, delivery notes or tickets depending on the option "Delivers with delivery notes or I have an invoice for the tickets"that the supplier of this document has. If the option is checked, delivery notes/tickets will be shown and if it is unchecked, invoices will be shown. Note: if a document has been created as an invoice and should be a delivery note or vice versa, it can be modified manually in the document itself.
- Documents with the category raw material, beverages or cleaning.

πŸ” Bill of materials
How do I create a cost estimate?

It is very easy! In this article you will find a step-by-step guide on how to create the bill of materials.

How do I convert to the base unit?

It's easy! We leave you here our article in the Support Centre where we explain it in detail.

What is shrinkage?

It is the loss of product as a result of its preparation: the skin of potatoes, the bone of fish... even the weight reduction of a frozen product.

How do I calculate shrinkage?

The calculation of the shrinkage, theoretically, isthe weight of the shrinkage divided by the total purchased weight of the product. We multiply it by 100 to obtain the percentage. However, there are tables that give you a pre-established value for certain foods.

How do I edit an ingredient?

To remove or edit ingredients from a bill of materials, you have to click on the pencil symbol on the right side of the ingredient. You will only be able to edit the net quantity and the shrinkage.Β 

How do I edit a quote?

To edit the information of an order picking (name, type of dish, selling price, VAT and/or expected margin), you only have to enter the order picking and click on Edit.

I don't have an invoice for a product yet, can I import it?

Yes, you can import them from Excel! Find out how to do it here.Β 

Still have doubts?

Contact us and we will be happy to help you πŸ™Œ.