Frequently asked questions

What is Smart Cost Management Software?

haddock is a unique cost management software that, thanks to artificial intelligence, will allow you to visualise your restaurant's expenses in real time and make intelligent decisions...

What is the best plan for my restaurant?

It will depend on the number of invoices and delivery notes you receive and want to digitise and the functionalities you are interested in. You can check what each plan includes on this page.

Can I try the software before subscribing?

Of course! You have a 10-day free trial to make haddock your new favourite platform.

What is the difference between the plans?

The main differences are the number of users you can add, the number of documents you can scan and whether or not the product module is included.
You can see what each plan includes on this page.

Can I benefit from a discount?

Of course! With the annual subscription we will offer you a 15% discount.

I have reached my document limit, how can I continue uploading invoices and delivery notes?

You can upgrade your plan to Starter (up to 40 documents), Growth (up to 200 documents) or Premium (up to 400 documents).
Do you want to do it right now? Check here how you can upgrade your plan quickly.

What happens if I have the Premium plan and I have reached my document limit?

In this case, please contact us and we will provide you with a tailor-made solution.