Purchases to your suppliers in a matter of seconds

Now you can do all Purchases from your cell phone.
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"I used to do the Purchases by hand, paper cards that I kept updating, and now with haddock it allows me to standardize and streamline this."

Jhonnys Bar

"The best thing about Purchases is how quickly I find products and prices now."

L'Informal Tacos

How does shopping work??

haddock offers you a list of products per supplier, based on the invoices and delivery notes that you have previously digitalized in the platform, so that you can select the quantity of each ingredient you want .

How can I place an order from haddock?

Select supplier

Choose the quantity of each product you want to buy

Send the order form by the means of communication you use with your supplier.

Once the order is received you can check that everything is correct.

Why order from order from haddock?

Eliminates communication barriers
You can share the order form with your suppliers through as many platforms as you want: WhatsApp, email, message, AirDrop, and more!
Standardizes the process
The functionality of Purchases has a very simple interface that allows you to easily select the products you want by supplier.
Review the order and create a digital self-supporting
You will be able to check that the products you have received are correct both in price and quantity. You will be able to review each product and add the incidences related to those products that you have not received correctly.
The ease of the process allows others on your team to take on this task .
Control every order
An order form will be sent to the supplier with which you can have control of the order you have placed. You will also be able to track and identify within haddock the status of your order: shared, confirmed or received.
Check the history of Purchases
All the Purchases made to your suppliers can be found in the history of Purchases. Gain visibility on all the Purchases made to your suppliers to improve your predictions.