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We calculate automatically the margin

Thanks to the digitization and classification of documents, you will know at a glance your margin and how much your expenses represent on sales according to their category 👏

Do you want to know quickly how much you have spent on raw materials?

Thanks to the categorization/classification of expenses, you will be able to know which category involves a higher expense 💸
Discover all categories 🔎

Raw materials
Meat, fish, fruits, vegetables... whatever products you use to prepare your dishes.
Waters, wines, beers, soft drinks? whatever you drink!
For the cost of cleaning and hygiene products.
Delivery packaging, paper napkins and paper tablecloths... anything that is disposable.
Electricity, gas, water... all the energies to make your business work.
Management and advisory services
For expenses associated with your manager or advisor.
For services such as haddock, POS, television...
Communication and marketing
For the agency in charge of social media, website or any other online appearance.
All documents related to the rental of your premises.
Equipment and furniture
Invoices for tables, chairs, appliances...
Expenses on loans, banks...
When you hire a gardening, laundry, repair company...

Why on June 2 did you spend more and on the 10th you sold less?

You will have expenses and sales broken down by day, so you can identify the peaks of each one and make decisions based on them 📊.