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Conviértete en haddock Partner 🤝

Become a Partner

Benefits as a haddock Partner 🐬.

💸 Earn up to €500 per restaurant you refer to us

Receive 20% of the monthly subscription for the next 24 months that the customer is active.

🚀 Help your customer to increase +7% their benefits

On average, a restorer using haddock increases his operating margin by 5-7% and saves +25h per month of manual labor. 

🚮 Forget about paperwork

If you are a consultancy, advisory or management company, haddock will be very useful for you because you will be able to access the invoices and delivery notes of your restaurant client in a quick, orderly and agile way.

🤑 Discover a new source of income.

If you are a POS or technology distributor, you can add haddock to your menu of services to restaurateurs.

📊 Control your commissions in real time. As restaurateurs thanks to haddock

Register to our Partners portal and follow at all times the status of each client and the commissions generated.

💸 Sales

Connect all Google accounts to see all calendars in one view.
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How do I become a Partner?

Fill out the form to
become a Partner
Nuestro equipo se pone
en contacto contigo
Recomienda haddock
a tus contactos
Ingresa una comisión recurrente
cada trimestre

How do I become a partner?

Fill out the form to
become a Partner
Oriol from haddock contact you at
Recommends haddock
to several restaurants
Receive 20% of the subscription
for the next 24 months
that the customer is active.