Identify in one click if the price of avocados has risen πŸ₯‘

Thanks to the digitalization of all the information on your invoices, we can detect when you raise the price of your products.
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β€œLos tomates me han subido mΓ‘s de un 50% y ahora tengo que poner menos cantidad porque no quiero bajar la calidad”
"AcordΓ© el precio del barril a 145€ y gracias a haddock pude ver que ahora estaba pagando 159€ por el mismo barril”
Baka vieja
"Es increΓ­ble que con solo una foto puedas detectar cualquier subida de precios casi al momento. Estamos muy contentos con haddock”

Do you know at what price you last bought salmon?

Control that suppliers charge you the agreed price by establishing areference price. We notify you when we detect a variation!

Have you ever encountered unexpected price changes?

Access to a price history of each product to know all its ups and downs.

How much salmon did you buy last month?

purchase forecasts for the following month.
Know the total amount of product purchased and make

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πŸ“Έ Digitization of documents

Digitize and store your invoices, delivery notes and tickets with just one photo.

🚚 Supplier management

Have your suppliers organized by category and get the total spent on them.

πŸš€ Control panel

Discover your business results in real time.

πŸ” Bill of materials

Dynamic scandals of your chart, with haddock you will have the margins under control and you will be able to improve your decision making.

πŸ”Œ Integrations

Conecta tus ventas y tendrΓ‘s todos los datos de tu restaurante actualizados.

πŸ’Έ Sales

Connect all Google accounts to see all calendars in one view.
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πŸ™Œ And much more!

Automatic invoice and delivery note entry, management of incidences between documents, access for your team... Find out more!

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