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With Square's integration with haddock, being in control of your business just got a whole lot easier

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Easy and fastintegration
With two simple steps you will have it done!

Automatic information synchronization 🥳
You don't have to worry about anything!

No additional costs! 💸
No extra charge for doing the integration.

You will get the complete menu for your business 🍽️

  • You will be able to synchronize your sales data with your expenses. 
  • You will obtain the margin of your business in real time.
  •  You will visualize sales by periods and shifts, average ticket, number of diners... 

Faster than making coffee! ☕️

  • Just log in to Square and select the restaurant. 
  • You will automatically have all your information on the platform. 
  • Find out step by step in our Support Center!

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